Nasr Bros Jewelers


 Easy, quick cash- During these tough economic times, why not put extra cash in your pocket with little effort? Instead of waiting for your next paycheck, sell your scrap gold! You will have fast cash to pay bills, put money in your pocket, or start a savings account. Bring your gold into Nasr Jewelers, get it appraised on site and walk out with money in hand. It’s that simple.​​

Damaged, broken jewelry- How many times have you looked at that broken watch, necklace or brooch and wondered what to do with it? It may be too expensive to repair it. Take a look at your jewelry. Did you know that scrap gold includes bracelets, ankle bracelets, rings, and gold charms, among other pieces? You probably have more than you thought and should consider selling it.​​

In the current market, gold prices are very high and right now it’s a good time to sell to get a fantastic price. At Nasr Jewelers, we perform thorough testing by a certified specialist. This professional will determine the type of gold and the purity of it in your jewelry.

​Letting Go of Memories- For many people, looking at pieces of jewelry brings back a memory or a story that they might rather forget. Whether the piece was bought by someone from a previous relationship, a family member or at a different time in your life, you can now sell it and move forward. While it’s nice to have memories, it’s always nice to create new ones. Selling your scrap gold is a good way to do so​.

​​ A Chance to Buy New Jewelry- After selling your scrap gold, you’ll have cash in hand and can now buy that piece of jewelry that you may have been interested in, but didn’t have the money to purchase. Nasr Jewelers has a huge selection of one-of-a-kind pieces on hand to choose from.